Wireless Audio Video Transmitter

Wireless Audio Video Transmitter

1. Self-designed IP cores for FPGA and ASIC, customized services available
2. Focus-on H.264 coder and decoder before 2017
3. Excellent objective and subjective video at low bit rate
4. Ultra small resource and high performance
5. Ultra-low power consumption
6. Ultra-low latency, 15-30ms

Product Details

Wireless Audio Video Transmitter 1

Wireless Audio Video Transmitter

J11 10km Industrial Grade Ultra-low Latency


Professional in R&D of CODEC IP cores, FPGA and ASIC, Redess has successfully developed high-performance wireless audio and video transmitter with bi-directional communication. Redess’ transmitters stand out in the industry for a full range of advantages, such as wide bandwidth, ultra-low latency, extremely small package, ultra-long transmission distance, ultra-low power consumption, excellent video quality, as well as highly competitive price. It is likely the most cost-effective solution for the helicopter, UAV, and other applications.

With the industry background of video transmission in China, the HDMI wireless COFDM sender had been fully promoted to the end users during 2007 to 2016 and now Redess has become a valuable partner with Panasonic, Samsung, Lockheed Martin, etc.

Product Features

Self-designed IP cores for FPGA and ASIC, customized solution available

Focus-on H.264 coder and decoder before 2017

Excellent objective and subjective video at low bit rate

Ultra small resource and high performance

Ultra-low power consumption

Ultra-low latency,15-30ms

Supporting BP, MP, HP and special profiles

Resolution from 640x480@30fps to 1920x1080P@240fps

Technical Advantages

Exceedingly fast CABAC and CAVLC module

Extremely high throughput, 0~200Mbps, and 0~800Mbps

Scalable performance, supporting resolutions beyond ultra-high definition (UHD) and/or ultra-high frame rates

Extremely small silicon footprint, enabling low-power and economical implementations in FPGAs and ASICs

Excellent video quality, even for ultra-low-latency, and/or low-bit-rate video streaming

Ultra-low Latency, glass to glass CODEC latency is less than 2 ms

Multi-channel, 2/4/8 channel optional, supporting H.264/H.265 IP Cores


J11, the extension of J5/J10, is one of Redess’ newly developed wireless digital transmission systems. This sender is of industrial and industrial grade, to which IP camera can be connected. The usage is more convenient.

J11 is nearly the same size as J5/J10: dimension only (76*48*20mm), weight only (88g); long transmission range(10-20km) at 1000mW 30dbm. Exceedingly competitive part of global bidirectional board band digital communication systems.

J11 parameter

Wireless Audio Video Transmitter 2

Wireless Audio Video Transmitter 3

Wireless Audio Video Transmitter 3


Wireless Audio Video Transmitter 4

Disaster relief, emergency rescue, forest-fire prevention by UAV, emergency communication, live streaming, rebroadcast

Individual reconnaissance of field forces

Image transmission for public security system, armed police system, firefighting command truck, etc

Real-time monitoring at sea in frontier areas such as anti-smuggling, maritime affairs and coastal defense

Real-time news gathering and match broadcasting in wireless mobile camera trucks mission

Aerial scouting, monitoring by helicopter, airship, especially for the environment unsuitable or unable for wiring


since 2004

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