Video Transmitter and Receiver Long Range

Video Transmitter and Receiver Long Range

1. Ultra-low latency 11-33ms, ultra-small dimension
2. HDMI 1080P60+30/720p60 definition adjustable
3. Ultra-long wireless transmission distance up to 150km
4. Tplayer soft solution with ultra-low latency, <33ms
5. Reconnection time, <1s

Product Details

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Video Transmitter And Receiver Long Rrange

C-130 150km Industrial Grade Ultra-low Latency

Professional in R&D of CODEC IP core, FPGA, and ASIC, Redess has successfully developed high-performance COFDM wireless sender and receiver with bi-directional communication. Redess’ transceivers stand out in the industry for a full range of advantages, such aswide bandwidth, ultra-low latency, extremely small package, ultra-long transmission distance, ultra-low power consumption, excellent video quality, fast speed, as well as highly competitive price. It is sure to leave the competition in the dust.

With the industrial background of video transmission in China, the HDMI COFDM transmitter and receiver with long transmission range have been fully promoted to the end user since 2007.

Redess’ products comply with the industry standard. Through the winning combination of H.265 CODEC technique and the high-end transmission module, Redess’ video transmitter and receiver are ideal for the drone, UAV or other applications requiring long wireless transmission range, ultra-low latency, UHD video and ultra-low power consumption.

C-130 Parameters

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C-130 Features Introduction

C-130 wireless video transceiver supports video data rate output coupled with Tplayer, achieving the soft solution with ultra-low latency. Features on its long transmission range 150km, lower power consumption, small package, multi-interface, circuit protection by using the al-alloy frame, this unit is designed for emergency command, fire rescue, power line detection, radio, live streaming, etc.

Following industry standard in China, Redess has successfully developed bidirectional communication OFDM transmission device in the frequency of 2.4GHz, supporting multi-link transmitting and receiving simultaneously.

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Product Feature

C-130 is a miniature system of video transmission links, with the ultra-small package, short reconnection time, extremely stable bandwidth, ultra-long range, wide uplink bandwidth, robust uplink bandwidth, etc. In view of all these advantages, this unit can optimize and transmit 1080P wireless HD video with zero latency.

It takes less than 2 frames to decode H.264/H.265 data stream. Available to save H.264/H.265 data stream to local video files.

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Application Scenario

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Disaster relief, emergency rescue,forest-fire prevention by UAV, emergency communication, live streaming, rebroadcast

Real-time news gathering and match broadcasting in wireless mobile camera trucks mission

Aerial scouting, monitoring by helicopter, airship, especially for the environment unsuitable or unable for wiring

Individual reconnaissance of field forces

Image transmission for public security system, armed police system, firefighting command truck, etc

Real-time monitoring at sea in frontier areas such as anti-smuggling, maritime affairs, and coastal defense

The Representative Case of the Applications

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  • Under contract to Lockheed Martin - the prime contractor to NASA for the Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle H.264 encoder was customized to enable the spacecraft's video compression system to multicast mission critical video to data storage recorders, live stream for crew displays or streaming downlink to mission control.

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2008&2017 MPEG-4(H.264) Technology for Orion Spacecraft

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