Wireless HD Video Transmitter

Wireless HD Video Transmitter

1. Wireless Channel: 2.4GHz(2.400-2.482GHz)
2. Modulation: COFDM
3. Ultra-low latency 15-30ms
4. Long range transmission up to 20km in the open area
5. UHD, HEVC(H.265)

Product Details

Wireless Hd Video Transmitter 1

Wireless HD Video Transmitter

J11 10km Industrial Grade Ultra-low Latency

J11, namely wireless HD digital video transmitter, of industrial grade, is a standard part of J series, an extension of J5 and J10, with only 88g, merely 1w power consumption, but the transmission distance can be at the distance of 10-20km, latency <30ms.

Previously designed for industry application, and then for industry and commercial applications, they enjoy great popularity among customers. Would you like to know which features they have? Answers will be found in below list.

wide bandwidthultra-low latencysmall sizelightweightfast speed



long transmissionlow power consumptionhigh definitiontwo-way communicationextremely
competitive price



J11 parameters

Wireless Hd Video Transmitter 2

Introduction of J11 Function


HD video image(1920*1080);self-developed HEVC/(H.265)


The wireless signal can be transmitted at 1080P60 to the distance over 11km when UAV flies at the altitude of 300m.


Ultra-low latency 15-30ms


Supporting point-to-point, point-to-multipoint communication


Supporting bidirectional communication and video resolution adjustable; date rate output coupled with Tplayer achieving soft solution in 15-30ms

Wireless Hd Video Transmitter 3

Wireless Hd Video Transmitter 3


Wireless Hd Video Transmitter 4

Disaster relief, forest-fire prevention, emergency rescue by UAV, emergency communication, live streaming, rebroadcast

Individual reconnaissance of field forces

Image transmission for armed police system, public security system, firefighting command truck, etc

Real-time surveillance at sea in frontier areas such as maritime affairs,anti-smuggling, and coastal defense

Real-time news gathering and match broadcasting in wireless mobile camera trucks mission

Aerial scouting, monitoring by helicopter, airship, especially for the environment unsuitable or unable for wiring

Wireless Hd Video Transmitter 5