Video Transmitter and Receiver

Video Transmitter and Receiver

1. UHD(1080p60), self-developed H.265 CODEC
2. Ultra-low latency <30ms
3. Long transmission distance 30km
4. Point-to-point, point-to-multipoint communication
5. Supporting video definition adjustable, two-way communication
6. Date rate output coupled with Tplayer achieving soft solution with low latency

Product Details


Video Transmitter And Receiver

VDTS30 30km Industrial Grade Ultra-low Latency

As a professional designer of CODEC IP cores, FPGA and ASIC, Redess first released video transmitter and receiver in 2007. Since they are labeled as industrial grade product, a full range of characteristics are encapsulated in these products, such as:

wide bandwidthultra-low latencysmall sizelightweightfast speed





long transmissionlow power consumptionhigh definitionbi-directional       communicationextremely
competitive price



With all these featuresRedess HD 2.4GHz video Transmitter and receiver enjoy great popularity in the industry.

VDTS series transceivers are of the industrial and industrial grade. Besides ultra-low power consumption, ultra-low latency, the combination of advanced H.264 CODEC with 2.4GHz high-end transmission module perfectly solved the problem of long-distance and HD transmission.

VDTS30 Parameters


VDTS30 Features Introduction

Ultra-long range transmission up to 35km

Ultra-small package, ultra-low power consumption, industrial grade operating temperature (-40℃- +85℃)

Ultra-low latency, ≤30ms

Supporting point-to-point, point-to-multipoint communication

Supporting two-way communication; transmitting by Ethernet at 100Mbps; date rate output coupled with Tplayer achieving soft solution with low latency

Amazing sensitivity by using omnidirectional single antenna

With self-developed industrial-grade H.264/H.265 video CODEC technology, our transmitter and receiver have a greater advantage in low-latency and high-performance over the ones from the competitors.

At the same time, by updating our technology, various advantages have been encapsulated to our transmitters, such as long-range transmission, lower power consumption, small size, and multiple interfaces, etc.

They function perfectly in fire rescue, power line detection, emergency command, radio, live streaming, etc.

Video Transmitter And Receiver 3

VDTS30 Features

Working Frequency: 2.4GHz(2.400-2.482GHz) Step: 1MHz Min

Bidirectional communication of three-layer transmission channel (MAC/UDP/TCP&IP), supporting transmission of data services output by airborne device

High-quality digital video processing, H.264+SVC CODEC; HD video image(1080p60)

Reconnection time <1s

Able to transmit stable video, audio, data under the situation of fast mobility and multipath interference; able to do space diversity and reception; supporting applications of point-to-multipoint, multipoint-to-point, multihop relay, multipoint-to-multipoint meshes

AES-128 encryption

Wireless transmitting distance up to 12km from airborne end, according to different types of antennas at two ends



Product Characteristics

Channel Rate(1-8MHz) is best for high-quality AV transmission and high-speed data transmission. High-quality AV effect has the great relationship with encoding stream, channel rate, apart from camera performance, while data transmission volume has special requirement for bandwidth.

By the way of COFDM method, each subcarrier can do high-speed modulation (QPSK、16QAM、64QAM Optional). Resolution is up to 1920*1080P/60. Very easy for further analysis, saving, editing.

J-30 wireless video transmitter and receiver, including every component, comply with industrial grade and can work steadily for a long time under high/low-temperature environment. Unlike J5/J10 sender in the airborne end, they will stop work at the operating temperature lower than -40℃ or higher than +85℃.


The Representative Case of the Applications


Professional in H.264/H.265 encoding and decoding technique, ToFree has ever customized H.264 encoder used in NASA project. This encoder successfully enabled video compression system to multicast crucial videos from spacecraft to data storage recorder for live stream.

With our CODEC technique being upgrading, we have extended our business scope, and developed various kinds of wireless video transmitter and receiver for commercial, industrial, scientific, law enforcement and video security applications. Customized service are also available!

Video Transmitter And Receiver 6

MPEG-4(H.264) Technology for Orion Spacecraft

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