4K Wireless Transmitter

4K Wireless Transmitter

1. Long Range 5km COFDM Wireless Transmitter, Digital Video Links For UAV&Drones& Quadcopter
2. Two-way broadband data radio airborne transmitter and receiver, military (China) wireless data transmission system
3. Ultra high-resolution image, self -developed CABAC (H.264 + H.265) encoding and decoding technology
4. The working frequency: 2.4GHz, Min step: 1MHz

Product Details

4k Wireless Transmitter 1

4k Wireless Transmitter

J5 5km Industrial Grade Ultra-low Latency


Specialized in IP cores design, FPGA, and ASIC technology, Redess has successfully developed wireless HD transmitter supporting definition up to 1080P60.

Redess’ wireless transmitter are with various advantages, such as wide bandwidth, ultra-low latency, low power consumption, light weight, small size, HD, long transmission distance and very competitive price. These units stand out in the industry.

Taking advantage of industrial video transmission technology, Redess’ wireless transmitters have got mass production since 2011, and now Redess has become a valuable supplier to Huawei, Samsung, Panasonic, Lockheed Martin, etc.

Product Feature and Technical Advantage

Self-developed IP cores for FPGA and ASIC, customized service available

Excellent objective and subjective video at low bit rate

Ultra small resource and high performance

Ultra-low power consumption

Supports BP, MP, HP and Special Profiles

Resolution from 640x480@30fps to 1920x1080P@240fps

J series of products

J5/J10 wireless transmitter are the latest versions of wireless digital transmission systems of industry grade. The possibility to connect web camera to Ethernet interface makes it easier to use.

J5/J10, the dimension is (68*48*15mm), weight only (68g); long transmission range at 1000mW 30dbm, ultra-low latency(30ms), ultra-low power consumption(3w), HD(1080P60) with very competitive price.

J5 / J10 parameters

4k Wireless Transmitter 2

4k Wireless Transmitter 3

4k Wireless Transmitter 4

4k Wireless Transmitter 5

4k Wireless Transmitter 6


Disaster relief, forest-fire prevention, emergency rescue by UAV, emergency communication, live streaming, rebroadcast

Individual reconnaissance of field forces

Image transmission for armed police system, public security system, firefighting command truck, etc

Real-time surveillance at sea in frontier areas such as maritime affairs, anti-smuggling, and coastal defense

Real-time news gathering and match broadcasting in wireless mobile camera trucks mission

Aerial scouting, monitoring by helicopter, airship, especially for the environment unsuitable or unable for wiring

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