TF-P30 Multi-rotor Drone

TF-P30 Multi-rotor Drone

P30 Agricultural Drone P30 is designed with intelligent flight control system SUPERX3 and agricultural engine XAI. The combination of the advanced industrial design, the powerful driving system, and the completely waterproof design and the whole body refreshes the techniques of UAV industry....

Product Details

P30 Agricultural Drone

P30 is designed with intelligent flight control system SUPERX3 and agricultural engine XAI. The combination of the advanced industrial design, the powerful drive system, and the completely waterproof design and the whole body refreshes the techniques of UAV industry.

Flight Control System

  • Supporting Xcope Tianmu autonomous obstacle avoidance system that can identify the position of the obstacles with a radius of more than 5cm within 20m distance; Active near-infrared radiation technology, obstacle avoidance at night is still reliable.

  • Brand new data link system makes it possible to transmit the real-time flight log to the cloud server; AI engine can analyze the possible failure, make warnings, and prompt user overhaul.

  • The new millimeter-wave radar imitation detection range up to 30 meters; adaptable to all terrains, including the various complex hills and mountains.

  • Supporting cloud RTK flight mode; without setting up a mobile base station, precise plant protection operations can be achieved.

  • Supporting all kinds of network type to ensure network coverage in the most districts of the world.



Night Work


Autonomous Obstacle Avoidance

Tianmu XCope

Radar Imitation Detection Range




Location Mode


Flight Control System

Flight Mode

  • Fully autonomous flight, no need of remote control, easy to learn.

  • Multiple drones can be controlled at the same time by one ground station, which improves operation efficiency greatly.

  • Supporting night operation to improve the utilization of busy season.

  • The first intelligent remote-control spraying mode; unique grid spray memory function without re-spray and leakage.

Fully autonomous flight

Remote Control System

A2 Intelligent Hand-Held Ground Station

  • Specially customized for agricultural operation, easy to operate, ultra-long endurance, IP67 grade.

  • Various build-in agricultural operation software:integrated, intelligent, reliable.

Remote Control System

ARC1 Hand-Held Remote Control

  • Specially customized for agricultural drone, compact and lightweight, built-in voice broadcast system, dust-proof and waterproof.

  • Built-in spraying grid memory function without re-spray and leakage.

  • Remote control range up to 1000m.

Hand-Held Remote Control

Management System

  • Visual monitoring platform to facilitate operator and third-party regulatory to monitor flight data.

  • Electronic fence, no-fly zone setting and remote locking, in line withnational security requirements.

Management System

Spray System

  • The newly designed high-speed centrifugal atomizing nozzle with IP67-class, long life, easy maintenance.

  • Wider adjustment range of particle size (85-140 microns).

  • Stop-and-start function of the nozzle makes the sucker respond quickly within 1 second to prevent re-spray and leakage.

  • The ability to sense ambient temperature provides better data support and spray decisions for thermosensitive chemicals.

  • Larger spray capacity can make adjustable variable pesticide application at 0-1000 ml / acre.

  • AI prescription map can automatically match the best spraying solution for different crops and different degree of pests.

Agricultural Drone

Power System

  • The new generation smart battery with built-in BMS(battery management system);the lifetime of the industry-leading 300 cycles.

  • Power Ranger: allowing connecting 4 batteries together for continuous charging; conductive cooling without built-in fan; suitable for harsh outdoor environment.

  • Power Bank: the most cost effective; 2 built-in charging sources able to be charged at thesame time; able to replace the field generator and lower the operation cost largely.

  • Power Express: merging the residue energy of the batteries; making full use of resources and extending electricity source; small and portable.

Power System

Refilling System

  • New intelligent chemical container can automatically sense the liquid density, temperature, capacity accurately and reliably.

  • The new generation of intelligent chemical re-filler with built-in smart battery is compact and lightweight and can separate people from chemicals.

  • According to route plan, the dosage of chemicals can be calculated precisely to minimize the waste and pollution.

  • Real-time calibration of output dose in the flight can eliminate the damage to the ecological environment caused by excessive spraying.

External Structure

  • The whole device with high-strength carbon fiber and aluminum alloy, durable modular design, easy maintenance.

  • New integrated high-performance antenna system.

  • The body with IP67-class waterproof design can be directly washed after agricultural operations.

Precision Spraying

Max Drug Loading


Spray Width


The Largest Area of Single Flight

2 hm²

Sprinkler Type

Centrifugal atomizing spray

Atomized Particles

85-140 micros

Start and Stop within 1s


AI Prescription Al


Operation Efficiency

5.3 hm2/hour

Automatic Drug Refilling System


Agricautural uav system

Drenching system

Remote Control Operation

Hand-Held Remote Control


Intelligent Hand-Held Ground Station



Aricultural uav system Dimension

Power System

Smart Battery System(SBS)


Battery Cycling Life

300 times

Power Ranger


Power Bank


Power Express


Power System

Agricultural UAV specifications

Ariculture uav system specifications for system modules

Specifications for system modules

agricaltural system pilotphone

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