Application Solutions for Industry Users

Users typically use UAV of industry grade in many complex environments. Parameters differ in different environments and systematic control system is needed, so we need to understand comprehensively the needs of industrial users. With mutual R&D with national research institutes in more than 410 projects since 2009, our R&D experience has been accumulated and can meet over 85% customized service in 12 application scenarios. Moreover, we will be continuously challenging harsher environment.

We have learned from the customers, different application scenarios have different requirement for the parts. However, according to our investigation, most solutions are only the simple assembly of each part, not an integrated system.

In this industry, few companies have both flight control system, plane and professional optical pod and data links. They cannot have a good knowledge of the industry from the customer’s point of view. On the contrary, the suppliers need to stand in customer’s shoes, learn the actual problems, and understand user experience. Besides, the ability to make mass production is an essential element.


Therefore, we have launched flight control system, optical pod, data links, and vision module in succession. The customer’s application requirement can be verified by the analog data, which makes the application more accurate, reduces the entire cost, and increases the efficiency.


Redess has established the longtime cooperation with Aviation Industry Corporation of China(AVIC), Shaanxi Aircraft Corporation, Xi'an Aircraft Industry (Group) Company Ltd, Northwest Polytechnic University, Rocket Force University of Engineering, etc and presided and taken part in the test flight in various R&D projects.





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