The Belt And Road: New Xi’an New Economy New Vitality

- Jul 04, 2018-

The Belt and Road: New Xian  New Economy  New Vitality

The 2th World Xi’an Entrepreneurs Convention

The 2th World Xi’an Entrepreneurs Convention

Xi’an Entrepreneurs Convention was held at the Shaanxi International Hotel,on the morning of June 29, 2018. The  2th World Xi'an Entrepreneurs Convention was hosted by the Xi'an Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Xi'an Municipal People's Government. The theme of the conference was "The Belt and Road: New Era, New Xi'an New Western Merchants", which aims to thoroughly implement Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics. I will implement the "The Belt and Road" initiative and strive to write a modern international metropolis in Xi'an to catch up with the new chapter and build a comprehensive Asia-Europe cooperation and exchange.

Meeting venue

Xi'an is the starting point of the ancient Silk Road. We are participating in Xi'an to discuss the construction of the Silk Road of Science and Technology and to create an open platform for innovation in emerging industries. We will strengthen cooperation with international businesses and participate in the construction of Xi'an aviation industry in all aspects, in many fields and at a deep level.

 For Xi'an, the report said: "Xi'an is in a leading position in China's major cutting-edge technology and university technology, especially in the development of hard science and technology such as aerospace, aviation, weapons, electronic information, etc." November 7-8, 2017 On the day of the first "2017 Global Hard Technology Innovation Conference" held in Xi'an, it focused on countless eyes.

In fact, Xi'an must break through the inherent model in order to shorten the gap between other benchmark cities and exert its greatest core strength and competitiveness. Therefore, Secretary Wang Yongkang issued a "diagnosis book" for Xi'an economy: one is the trillion industrial corridor, and the modern manufacturing industry is fully promoted; the second is the trillions of science and technology creation corridors, covering the main areas of hard technology.

Xi’an Entrepreneurs Convention Awards

The aerospace and aviation industry is a leading and highly integrated technology industry. It drives the development of many technologies such as computers, optoelectronics, precision manufacturing, automatic control, new materials and new energy, and greatly promotes the integration of various production capacities. In order to avoid the simplification of industrial development, Xi'an Aerospace Base has been diversified in its industrial layout as early as its establishment.

Aviation high-tech workshop

These pictures are not in movies, but in Xi'an.

At 5:30 pm on June 30, business representatives and media groups came to the Tonghang Industrial Park to visit TOFREE aircraft and other unmanned aerial vehicles.

TOFREE drone factory

As a competitive force in the modern industrial and military fields, this technology has been promoting globally. As the earliest and largest aviation industry base in China, the reserve for aviation drone technology is naturally very deep.

Among them, TOFREE, a representative enterprise of the drone technology exhibition in this international business conference, showed the VTOL heavy-duty long-endurance drone and VTOL surveying and rescue emergency rescue aircraft and has achieved very outstanding results in the field of flight control technology.

UAV flight control is the core system of the entire UAV system, and the current trend is to attack the smarter AI intelligence field. The TOFREE UAV is equipped with a self-developed TF series flight control, which allows users to take off with one button without any technical means.

And the biggest feature is its own safe mode. In the emergency scenarios of multiple applications, it can automatically start self protection under the low voltage, abnormal posture, abnormal height, low GPS positioning accuracy, navigation system failure, exceed safety fence, and remote control failure. TOFREE's product development manager told reporters: "In the process of product development, we collected 178 emergency cases from 24 provinces across the country, parsing the data and integrating it into the algorithm, so that ordinary people without any operational experience can operate easily.

The other is the development of efficiency in the application scenarios. If the operation is more efficient, it is limited by the conditions of the drone's hovering, speed, stability, load capacity, and endurance time. For example, our 580 square kilometers urban three-dimensional high-precision modeling mapping operation, if using multi-rotor drones, each flight can only fly for 50 minutes, speed 8-12m / s, efficiency 0.1m2 / h, with 3 aircraft at the same time, the flight will last 98 days, but when using VTOL drone for long-distance flight, it can fly 1 square kilometer per hour . If multiple aircraft work at the same time, it takes 5 days to complete 100 square kilometers. This is a great challenge. This long-term operation or long-term transmission is a common barrier in the industry. We have been working hard in the aviation drone industry since 2009. The application has been fully recognized by the market, and it allows us to get the benefits of the market in advance, we are very happy."


TOFREE VTOL aerial survey drone

According to the person in charge of the TOFREE UAV project department, this surveying and mapping drone can perform a variety of tasks in addition to the excellent automatic control system. These are not visible to the user, but they are very core. The aircraft can take off and land in the different places, and can automatically switch the mission routes after take-off. This function is irreplaceable in long-distance and remote drug replenishment and communication relay scenarios. In addition, it can provide 8 user routes in the mapping operation. The route can add 800 waypoints, automatically generate the hovering route, the radius of the hover, the number of hovering cycles can be set freely, and the higher requirements of the customer can also be customized, and can fly a variety of irregular terrain. This is a very eye-catching point in the current competition for drones.

TOFREE VTOL long-haul heavy-duty drone

At the same time, the "New Era, New Pattern, New Platform - Silk Road International Chamber of Commerce to Help Xi'an International Metropolis Construction Seminar" jointly sponsored by Xi'an Municipal Government and Silk Road International Chamber of Commerce is also in Xi'an Qujiang Huibin Court Hotel was held.

More than 300 guests from more than 30 countries including Argentina, Lebanon, Belarus, Maldives and Nepal, including Chinese envoys, government representatives, leaders of international organizations and business associations, Xi'an Municipal People's Government and international business community attended the meeting. “The Belt and Road”, the new model of cooperation and other topics were exchanged and discussed, to promote pragmatic cooperation under the framework of “The Belt and Road” and to promote the construction of a national central city in Xi’an. 

The 2th World Xi’an Entrepreneurs Convention photo

The second World Xi’an Entrepreneurs Convention marks that Xi'an has once again sent a sincere invitation to the world. Xi'an has multiple advantages, especially aerospace, aviation, weapons, electronic information and other important scientific research domains. Under the background of “The Belt and Road”, it has created excellent development opportunities and  advantages for Xi'an.

The 2th World Xi’an Entrepreneurs Convention in Xi'an