Aerospace Industry

- Apr 17, 2018-

Deputy Director of the Civil Aviation Administration investigates TOFREE drones: Open the world with Chinese standards

"By the continuous review of the Jingdong pilot's normal operation, we have established a mature system and standard, and finally become a standard, and then use China's standards to open the world and lead the trend." On the afternoon of April 3, the Deputy Director of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, Wang Zhiqing and Civil Aviation Northwest The director of the District Administration Bureau, Mr. Chai Duoshan, came to Jingdong Logistics Headquarters of the National Civil Aviation Industry Base in Xi’an to investigate the operation of unmanned aerial vehicles and unmanned distribution stations in Jingdong, and to understand the progress of Jingdong’s implementation of experimental pilots of unmanned aerial vehicle logistics distribution operations in China.

As the world's first pilot of state-level UAV logistics, Wang Zhiqing said that JD should dare to try first and do a good job in the exploration and standard formulation of UAV logistics distribution. At the same time, he stressed that it is necessary to put the safety of drones in the top priority, not only the safety of the drones themselves, but also the level of national security.


National pilot drone logistics, making Chinese standards the world standard

At TOFREE's logistics headquarters, the world’s first unmanned distribution station independently developed by China has been in use for several months. On the afternoon of the 3rd, Wang Zhiqing and Chai Duoshan observed the practical application of the unmanned distribution station and made a detailed understanding of the current operational mode, application scenario, and layout of the UAV.

Promoting the logistics revolution with technological innovation has risen from pilot operations to standard setting

     In order to promote the logistics revolution with technological innovation, Jingdong drone has been at the forefront of the country and even the world in terms of technology research and development, application of scenes, and promotion of policies.

     As early as the beginning of 2016, first proposed a "trunk-branch-end" three-level drone smart logistics system. After June 8, 2016, the world's first drone automatic distribution was completed, Jingdong invested in June 2017. The world's first drone operation dispatch center was used, and no order distribution was upgraded to normal operation in Xi’an, Shaanxi and Suqian, Jiangsu. It became the first domestic company to conduct normalized drone distribution. At the same time, Jingdong also landed the world’s first full-process smart drone airport and the world’s first unmanned distribution station at the end of 2017 and early 2018, respectively, and continued to build on the whole process of unmanned distribution and the construction of smart logistics infrastructure. Make a breakthrough.

Wang Zhiqing, deputy director of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, is communicating with UAV engineers at the headquarters.

With the continuous expansion and large-scale application of the drone distribution scenario, it continues to promote the liberalization of airspace supervision and related policies. In August 2017, China won the first domestic drone airspace approval document covering the whole province in Shaanxi; in February 2018, it was approved by the National Civil Aviation Administration and became the world's first national pilot company for the distribution of drones. For the large-scale commercial use of logistics drones, Xi'an Aviation Base has become a veritable pioneer.