Sino-foreign economic and trade cooperation promoting mutual prosperity

The Relationship Between China’s Business and Politics

In China, the economic development mainly relies on the mutual promotion of politics and business. Since the reform and opening-up policy begun in 1978, China’s business environment has become more open under the support, promotion and leading of the government.

Nowadays, the economic environment becomes more complicated under the influence of the multiple factors, such as the lower price of bulk commodities, the slower economic growth of the major trade partners, the changing exchange rate, and tightened loans. To cope with this situation, our nation started a new strategy “the Belt& Road(B&R).

The Belt and Road policy is a grand economic vision for opening up the cooperation with the countries along the line on the mutual benefits. Nowadays, the Chinese government is making great efforts to do the cross-region infrastructure construction and a safe and efficient network of land, sea, and airways, which has been formed basically. The investment and trade have become more convenient; a high standard network of free trade zones has taken shape; economic contact has been much closer; political trust has become much deeper. All these points lay an unprecedented foundation for the economic and trade cooperation.


The train number of China-EU Railway from/to Zhengzhou is about 1000 annually. 

Each week 8 trains into and 8 trains out

Civil Aerospace Industry

Xi'an is the most important area of developing China's aerospace industry. The advantage of the science and education talents and the abundant space industry resources is the base of aerial scientific and technological industry. The world-renowned Chinese Lunar Exploration Program, many scientific and research institutes in Xi’an took part in.


The Policy of Chinese Government

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