Precision agriculture

- Apr 11, 2018-

Precision Agriculture Solutions

Precision Agriculture Solutions

We provide cloud system management solutions including precision agriculture.

Including research on precision agriculture software technology, rapid collection of farmland information, variable fertilizer application control technology, and pesticide variable spray control technology.

At the same time, combining the experience of precision agriculture research and application development for many years in China and across multiple research institutes, we can provide design, demonstration, and consultation of precision agricultural technology solutions for large and medium-sized farms, and have the ability to design and develop precision agricultural hardware and software systems.

Products include: precision agriculture and Internet of things technology, agricultural remote sensing and geographic information systems, agricultural intelligence systems, agricultural pesticide spraying systems.

Precision Agriculture

Agricultural spraying system


Intellectual solution for pesticide spraying and precise agriculture,Able to meet 90% application requirement for all kinds of land.

Agricultural spraying system


Agricultural GIS application system

The system is a service platform that integrates the use of 3S technologies, such as geographic information technology and artificial intelligence, with the core of crop production management. The platform mainly includes field information acquisition and processing, field information management and update, and information decision-making. Analysis and remote information release and diagnosis and decision-making are composed of four basic modules.

The platform is characterized by openness, heterogeneity, encapsulation, and inheritance. It can be integrated with any component based on Windows development to construct a practical professional application system suitable for different production conditions, such as a LAN-based service that can be used to scale production users. Single-machine fertilizer and water management decision-making system, Intenet-based remote diagnosis system for crop production serving dispersed users.

Field information acquisition and processing

• Using S-video as the main source of information to quickly extract crop growth and environmental stress information;

• Combine harvester production data import, preprocessing and geostatistical analysis

• Analysis of the introduction and processing of field sampling information based on GPS

UAV remote sensing

Field Information Management and Updates

• Orderly management of multi-source, multi-phase farmland information

• Multimedia data and micro information management

• Field information retrieval and statistics

• Space and attribute data updates and maintenance


Remote control system

Remote information release and diagnosis

• Agricultural basic geographic information release

• Real-time publication of crop growth environment stress information

• Real-time publication of crop growth information

• Crop output and quality forecasting information released in real time

• Based on soil fertility, texture and weather information to achieve remote diagnosis of crop varieties recommended

• Irrigation remote diagnosis and decision-making based on remote sensing parameters, GIS local data and field information input by users in real-time surveys

• Remote diagnosis and decision-making of fertilization based on remote sensing parameters, GIS local data and field information input by users in real-time survey

• Based on remote sensing parameters, local GIS data, and field information input by users in real-time surveys, remote diagnosis and decision making for diseases and pests

UAV remote sensing mapping

Drone Remote Sensing Solution

We have assembled a one-stop precision agricultural drone remote sensing solution for intelligent flight-information collection-data processing by domestic users through the cloud system.

1.jpgAgricultural remote sensing

1. Use flight control software for mission planning to achieve autonomous flight and data acquisition of drones;

2. Use full-HD video recorders and airborne multi-spectral sensors to achieve full-range investigation of crops and collection of growing information;

3. Using data analysis cloud platform and customized services, users can easily obtain crop growth analysis maps, find areas where crop growth is problematic, and can also make crop nitrogen fertilization variable fertilization prescription maps to increase nitrogen use efficiency and crop yield.

Hyperspectral pest detection

Hyperspectral pest detection

Hyperspectral pest detection 2

Drone obstacle avoidance

Accurate crop information collection system

Agricultural drone remote sensing packages are equipped with multi-spectral sensors. The multi-spectral sensors we use mainly include Parrot Sequoia sensors and Sentera series sensors. The main difference between these sensors is the subtle differences in the band information, and the overall functionality meets the needs of agricultural production.

Multispectral sensor

Parrot Sequoia Multispectral Sensor

The main parameters of multispectral sensors

Multispectral sensor

Easy operation drone support service

Intelligent flight control software Pix4Dcapture is used to make flight operations easy and simple. No professional flying hands are required to complete the mission. The user only needs to draw the work area on the mobile device, set the flight route, flight parameters such as flight altitude, degree of overlap, etc., and then complete the setting of the flight mission. After uploading the mission to the drone, the drone can automatically complete the collection of information according to the planned route.

The use of AIRINOV FIRST +, Pix4dAg, AgVault and other data analysis cloud platforms can help users easily process the image data collected by multi-spectral sensors. Users only need to upload the data to the cloud platform to obtain a crop health diagnosis report. Question field. At the same time, it can also make variable prescription maps as needed to achieve accurate nutrient management.

Flight Mission Planning

Drone Data Analysis Cloud Platform

Drone Data Analysis Cloud Platform