Industrial Solutions

Since 2009, we have started building cloud systems in the field of unmanned intelligence domain and in Dec 2016, made great progress. In collaboration with numerous national research institutes and JD(one of the largest e-commerce enterprise,, we have gathered rich experience of precise operation in agriculture, energy, public safety and are aiming to provide intelligent solutions.

We have been serving China’s government, as well as some enterprises in China. Our direction is to make an in-depth study of the user's application scenarios and combine new technical means based on customers'need.

In addition, China is the second largest country of importing, exporting and manufacturing drones. We have experienced the complete path of simple manufacturing - complex manufacturing - high-end manufacturing & precision manufacturing. AI artificial intelligence is changing to the field of drones. Our R&D direction is also aimed at intelligence and meeting customer’s need.

Now we pay much attention in the mature application, such as electricity, reconnaissance, emergency rescue, and agriculture. We differentiate different application scenarios according to the actual application requirements of users and create solutions that meet the local use environment. We use the more mature aircraft as a carrier to carry different payloads to meet customers’ real need.

For example:

Agriculture Application Solution

Based on the needs of the agricultural users and the actual application scenarios, we have decomposed the scenes. Pls, refer to the below photo. Our purpose is to let customers inform their key information, based on which, we verify the rationality by our previous operation experience and draw a systematic conclusion and match hardware systems. The whole spray operation can be done by easy handling.

Agriculture Application Solution

What Application Solutions we can provide?

The Application of Energy and Public Safety & Urban Infrastructure


According to different business requirements, it involves in field measurement, aerial photography, satellite positioning, post-processing, mapping service. The surveying and mapping aviation field is mainly used for digital city construction and planning, national emergency rescue, government infrastructure construction, land and resources monitoring and other application fields.

The factors that challenge surveying and mapping are complex terrain, strong interference, city limit, low stability of aircraft platform, low payload, short endurance, complicated operation, etc.

Except few companies can combine data link, electro-optical pods, flight control, aircraft perfectly.

In fact, in China and other countries, the flight platform stability and endurance of UAV have achieved good results, but it is a major problem between payload, operation and cost.

UAV is a system, not a flight platform.

Therefore, we spend a lot of time to reconstruct the user's application requirement. Then we combine the indicators and customize solutions according to their requirements. We manage to help customer improve efficiency. We are still a leading technology solution provider in China.

We have designed different flight platforms used for power line inspection, air quality testing, cities, and public safety. 

For example:

Multi-rotor aircraft

Applicable for short endurance, low speed, short range, complex environment.

Multi-rotor aircraft


uav plane

drone aerial spraying

survey quadcopter


Data Transmission, Image Transmission, Video Transmission

  • HL, adopting aerodynamic design of six axes and six rotors, is an unmanned aerial vehicle that can be equipped with the different mission loads and perform various tasks such as aerial reconnaissance, communication relay, high-voltage power line erection, radar flight correction, transmission line inspection, aerial surveying and mapping, commercial film and television photography, etc.

  • It can do VTOL and autonomous navigation. The airborne battery can last 75 minutes(up to mission loads and surroundings).

  • Exchanging airborne device can be finished within 2 minutes.

  • This kind of drone has been widely used in tactical reconnaissance, emergency command, aerial photography, geological survey, pipeline inspection, freeway management, forest fire patrol, gas inspection, investigating drug smuggling, emergency rescue, etc.

survey quadcopter 1


Through PSDK, the developer can explore the hardware devices such as camera, sensor, searchlight, etc, according to different application scenarios, and enable the drone to realize more functions.

drone surveying software

This drone can be equipped with 30x zoom camera to automatically analyze the scene during the flight and do facial recognition.

One of its application is the patrol in the urban area, with the mission loadalarmandalarmlamp. If the suspect hears the warning, he will not dare to act rashly.

This is very practical for the border patrol and the camp area patrol. Especially under special field operations conditions, the arrest, searchandrescue of criminals can be done through orthoimage and thermal imaging.

drone flight planner

MSX image enhancement technique

MSX image enhancement technique

Control center

Control center 1

Control center

Simultaneous transmission of thermal and visible light

Simultaneous transmission of thermal and visible light

High precise integrated FLIR thermal image sensor and 4K visible light sensor can record, transmit thermal imaging and visible light imaging simultaneously. In real-time transmission, both can be displayed side by side or picture-in-picture as needed.

Public Security

REDESS police UAV is mainly used for aerial inspections of its jurisdiction. The UAV, equipped with video surveillance equipment, can perform inspections on the ground from the air, and send the real-time video back to the command center. The security monitoring can be finished with high efficiency.


Remote Sensing Application Service

We are dedicated to the integration of remote sensing platforms and “remote sensing +” technology innovations in space, air, and earth, constantly expanding the application of remote sensing data, deepening the value of remote sensing data, and researching and building application models, combining aerospace and remote sensing, the Internet, big data and cloud computing, in geology Prospecting, precision agriculture, environmental monitoring, watershed management, disaster prevention and reduction, government informatization, and industrial informatization provide intelligent decision support.

Resource Survey and Mine GeologyResource Survey and Mine Geology

Resource survey results undertaken

Regional geological survey

Resource Survey and Mine GeologyCoal investigation project results

Oil shale remote sensing geological survey

Uranium Mine - Typical Project Results

Resource Survey and Mine Geology

Hydraulic ring remote sensing

Remote sensing line selection

Remote sensing line selection


HydrogeologyRemote sensing line selection

Engineering Geology

Hydraulic ring remote sensing

Engineering Geology

Environmental remote sensing

Environmental remote sensing

Mine environment change information

Urban environment remote sensing monitoring and management system

Dust source monitoring

GIS and smart mines

GIS and smart mines 2

GIS and smart mines 3

Equipment Management and Operation Monitoring

Mining plan and 3D roadway management

Mining plan and 3D roadway managementWater supply system management

GIS and smart mines

Three-dimensional geographic information system Aviation Geophysical Exploration

Remote Sensing Data Processing

Aeromagnetic exploration

Aeromagnetic exploration

Remote Sensing Data Processing

Precision agriculture

Agricultural remote sensing

Multi-remote sensing platform farmland information acquisition technology

Agricultural census

Shanghai hongqiao airport  Domestic high score

Video production

Water resources monitoring

Land and Resources Monitoring

Mining ownership verification results integrated database

Data database

National Remote Sensing

Main business

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