Brushless Speed Controller

Brushless Speed Controller

The DEO (Driving Efficiency Optimization) technology implemented in the ESC has multiple advantages:
●Active braking. When reducing the throttle amount, the motor will decelerate very quickly.
This feature enables pilots to more easily perform all maneuvers like sharp turns, altitude changes, and sudden braking.
● Higher driving efficiency, longer flight time.
●Lower ESC temperature and a more reliable operation.

Product Details

High Performance Hardware &

Original Third-generation BLHeli_32 Firmware

The use of high-performance 32-bit ARM microprocessor (which runs at 48MHz),
imported high quality MOSFETs (Fairchild) & ceramic capacitors, 3-in-1 drive ICs,
3-ounce copper, 4 layers of PCBs, and the third-generation BLHeli (BLHeli_32 firmware)
creates an ESC with more functions & better performance specially for FPV drones.

Multiple Programmable Items

The original BLHeli_32 firmware allows users to connect four

ESCs to the FC flashed with the Cleanflight/Betaflight

firmware via signal cables (on the ESCs) to set general

parameters of the ESCs simultaneously, upgrade the firmware

or adjust advanced parameters online at the same time.



XRotor Micro 40A 4in1 BLHeli-S DShot600

Highly Integrated & Compact

The 4-in-1 ESC not only includes 4 high-performance 40A ESCs, 1 built-in BEC,but also an Amp/Volt monitoring port which allows FC to monitor the volt & amp in real time (on condition that the FC supports this function); it’s as small as a FC for FPV(s) and easy for installation and wiring. With the remarkably small size, it's a perfect match for

competition FPV(s).



XRotor PRO 40A

Newly Designed Shape

A brand new structural design that is enclosed within an exquisite solid plastic case that provides the all-round security

and protection for the ESC. The newly designed ESC can be easily placed into a carbon-fiber tube with the I. D. of 23mm.


Special Core Program for Rapid Throttle Response

The multi-rotor has made the demand over ESC response become even harsher than usual.Our newly special core program for rapid throttle response rate means a more stable hover and swift movement during flight. With the XRotor 3D and Pro series ESC’s new rapid response rate,the ESC can handle difficult and new challenges at ease.

Rapid Throttle Response

The special core program adopted by this XRotor PRO 50A

significantly improves ESC throttle response.


DIP-switch Design

The DIP switches at the bottom of XRotor PRO 50A control the ON/OFF status and color (Red/Green) of LEDs, the ON/OFF status of DEO function and motor direction.


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