VR 360

VR 360

No software programming required!
No need for multiple cameras! No Stitching!
Fast downloading of your media via wifi
Editing and sharing available directly from your mobile
Longer than ever record times (up to 90 mins vs. 10 mins on others)

Product Details

Vr 360 2

While the Camorama promo video is a bit, shall we say, racy I think the product is pretty solid. It’s basically a 4K action cam that doubles as a 360-degree camera. This means you can record 360-degree videos for a mere $239 for early birds.

Who would want such witchcraft? The 360-degree video is pretty cool stuff and it could mean that we can expect more VR video on Youtube and other services. Because the camera films at 4K you can also grab some nice video of your various exciting activities and stream them live to YouTube and Facebook.

If you have Google Cardboard you can check out the film below for an example of what this can do. If you don’t, enjoy the weirdly distorted future of video.

The produce ships in November and the creator, James Sung, has been known to deliver on time and on spec. I don’t much like Kickstarter projects these days – too much overpraise – but this looks to be just under the realm of impossibility and the company has already raised $150,000 for the product. I, personally, want to VR stream my life as a blogger. The video would consist of hours of silence punctuated by trips to the coffee maker and random howls of horror at how deeply sad my life has become. Plus the opening of beers.

Vr 360 3