Top Action Cameras

Top Action Cameras

1. 360 4K Video Camera
2. light weight
3. VR 4K UHD camera
4. Built-in WIFI
5. 32G 64G 128G Emmc Storage

Product Details

Products details

Camorama 4k UHK top action cameras are designed to be easily attached to helmets, surfboards, cars, or pretty much any other form of vehicle or equipment you might use in your adventures.

It also has WiFi control capabilities up to 80 meters (No interference)with free APP that allows you to take full control over the camera via a smartphone or any tablet you might have.

At the same time, it packs versatile shooting modes and an RSC Anti-shaking function that will definitely come in handy.


1.It has a built-in WiFi connectivity that allows you to control the device from your smartphone.

2.It also has a unique slow-motion video capture mode, a time lapse mode, a loop recording feature, and the ability to instantly playback your recordings on-screen.

3.this camera is waterproof down to 30 meters deep, which makes it ideal for swimming, surfing, diving, or any other activity that involves a lot of humidity.

4.It also has a surprisingly long-lasting battery.

5.Fast downloading of your media ia wifi.

6.Editing and sharing available directly from your mobile.

7.360 panoramic sports camera.

8.The wide-angle option allows for a panoramic style viewing experience.

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Technology Advantage

1.Ambarella S2E88 USA imaging chipset allowing up to high-speed 210 fps.

2.Live streaming capabilities with industry compatible codecs.

3.Sony Japan 4K imaging sensor IMX377 allowing 2880 x 2880 resolution.

Camorama inherited the previous generation product appearance design style nature round place, equipped with malachite green, rust red, three calx color, size of 48 mm x 48 mmx51mm, weighing less than 120 g, the whole machine volume about the size of a egg.

Machine lens the upgraded 360 ° 230 ° specialized lenses, X light purple edge, anti-dazzle supports a maximum resolution of 2880 X 2880 super clear video shooting.

Top Action Cameras 2


The 1300- mAh lithium battery offers up to 8 hours standby time. You can record videos for an hour, continuously and click hundreds of pictures in a day. Within 1.5 hours, the battery charges, completely.

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Memory Space

There are three kinds of cameras with different memory space for your option, 32/64/128GB eMMC storage.

In addition, the product also integrates gyroscope, gravity sensor, electronic compass and other functions.

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It is also worth mentioning that the new product can also capture panoramic photos from any frame in the recorded panoramic video.

In the preview or download state, the user can take a panoramic photo from the panoramic video, and share it with WeChat, QQ and other social platforms.

In addition, panoramic video can also be tailored, variable speed, beauty, add the head, end and subtitle according to the user's demand.

In addition, the camera also support ShouBiaoShi bluetooth remote control, can realize real-time remote control and camera status query function, and the built-in WIFI module can support 2.4 G / 5 G double frequency signal transmission, let can achieve rapid connection between mobile phone and panoramic camera, through application software (APP) which can realize the function such as shooting, preview, sharing.

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Package included

1X Batteries(1300MAH)

1X Panoramic Camera

1X Date Wire

1X Lens Protective Shell

1X Product Instruction

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The action camera itself is housed in durable for high-speed, low-drag activities like jumping/parachuting, fast-roping, running, shooting, diving, skiing, Swimming, surfing, diving, or any other activity that involves a lot of Adventure sports.

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Camorama panoramic camera adopts 4 k panoramic video shooting method, built-in eMMC storage design, and can photograph of a panoramic video on youku, Youtube, Facebook and other social networking platform for real-time sharing, and support panorama broadcast live/VR.

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