Sports HD Camera

Sports HD Camera

1. Taking 360°Photo/Video
2. 1.5h Battery life
3. 32G 64G 128G Emmc Storage
4. 4K UHD VR Video
5. VR Video Live
6. VR Video Editing and Sharing

Product Details

Sports Hd Camera 1

Product details of Camorama Ultra HD " Wi-Fi Sports Action Camera

Big Action in Lighter Package with Ultra HD Wi-Fi Sports Action Camera The Camorama Ultra HD Wi-Fi Sports Action Camera is a 1080p Full-HD camera, a perfect companion for photographers. With powerful features, this lightweight camera can be your ideal travel companion. Its soothing white color also complements any backpack or outfit. Its economical price tag complements its light physical weight.

Power Packed Features
• Camorama Ultra HD Wi-Fi Sports Action Camera supports a two-inch LCD camera that allows you to visualize the image without any geometric distortion. The LCD monitor offers sharper, brighter and higher resolution images.
• Its ultra-HD feature with eight-million active pixels enhances the resolution and clarity of every image.
• This useful Action camera ships with a waterproof casing. This transparent casing allows you to take pictures or record videos up to 30 meters/98 feet under the water.
• The powerful 1300-mAh lithium battery offers up to 1.5 hours of uninterrupted photographs and videos.
• The Wi-Fi feature allows you to upload the snapshots or videos at your whim during your journey.
• The Action camera has two different ports – HDMI and Micro USB. It has a Micro-SD Slot for additional support.
• Its shutter and select button are present on the right side for easy operations. The playback button, up/down buttons, speaker button, and Wi-Fi buttons are on the left for smooth handling.

Noteworthy Information
The camera supports 4k 360 degree wide-viewing- angle lens. The wide-angle lens offers a higher quality images for handheld photograph clicks, as the vibration due to hands movement is considerably reduced and image is stabilized.
Battery’s Performance
The 1300- mAh lithium battery offers up to 8 hours standby time. You can record videos for an hour, continuously and click hundreds of pictures in a day. Within 1.5 hours, the battery charges, completely.

Memory Space
The camera has a micro SD slot that supports micro-SDXC or micro-SDHC memory card with 8-32 GB storage capacity.
Additional Features
• This camera ships with a pole-mount. It has seven different types of mounts for helmet, bicycle and monopod.
• By installing Camorama app, you can operate this camera from your Android or iOS devices.

Sports Hd Camera

These unique features have made Cmorama Ultra HD Wi-Fi Sports Action Camera suitable for any journey. This lightweight camera becomes your companion for trekking, biking or underwater sports.

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Sports Hd Camera 3

Sports Hd Camera 3