Helmet Camera

Helmet Camera

1. Helmet mounting.
2. Adjustable view angle, 3600x2300.
3. Virtual reality ready.
4. Dust-proof, shockproof and water resistant.
5. Editing and sharing video freely.
6. Wi-Fi control, remote control.
7. Battery life 1300mAh, 4K shooting up to 1.5h.

Product Details

Product Details

2.0 inch Full HD LCD screen and 360 wide angle lens can capture an amazing panoramic viewpoint. Camorama camera can be mounted to all kinds of the helmet, your hands can be free to do other things.

Built-in professional sports image sensor makes it easy to capture image rapidly, even in extreme sports. Camorama camera is designed and built with non-corrosive and waterproof Aluminium alloy shell so that it is more durable for outdoor and extreme environments.


It is a perfect choice for sports enthusiasts, whether it is hiking, skiing, parachuting, motorcycle, diving, x-games, cycling, mountain climbing, gliding, skydiving, etc.


Power Packed Features

l Super-sized full HD LCD screen, supporting up to 4K.

l 2 built-in microphones capture 360-degree audio.

l Built-in Gyroscope ensures a smooth video regardless of camera movement.

l Easy-to-use, free VIRB Mobile app and VIRB Edit desktop software let you edit, stabilize, share and add data overlays to videos.

l 4K Ultra HD camera that can be easily mounted to a helmet.

l A waterproof casing allows you to film fascinating water sports.

l Having the function of Anti-purple edge, anti-glare, anti-stray light.

l It supports video and photo editing, sharing in SNS, and VR viewing mode, live VR video, live panoramic video.

Mini Size, Rugged and Water-Resistant Design

The dimension 48*48*54mm, weight 128g, Camorama camera of the mini size is able to be attached to all kinds of the helmet and is designed for use during various outdoor and extreme activities.

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The Image Stabilization System

The advanced stabilization technology keeps the camera flat no matter how you move it, whether you are shooting your film or live streaming, and optimized for stability during still capture.


Built-in Dual Microphone System

Built-in dual microphone system with advanced wind noise reduction provides a rich soundscape and automatically filters out wind noise, capturing more of the sounds you care about.

Enjoy Many Different Views from One Picture or Video

l Flat mode

l Sphere mode

l VR mode

l Planet mode



l Scuba dive, surf, or any adventure sport

l Travel

l Everyday memories

l A 360-degree filmmaker

l Drone

l Jumping out of an airplane

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Package included:

1X Battery(1300mAh)

1X Panoramic Camera

1X Data Line

1X Lens Protective Shell

1X Product Instruction