Diving Camera

Diving Camera

1. Fully Waterproof to 30 meters
2. Wide Angle Lens
3. 4K UHD VR Video
4. Panorama UHD video
5. 360-degree Panoramic camera

Product Details

Camorama 4K 360-degree camera is the easiest portable panoramic camera to be used in 360 degree video. Hd video camera can take up to 4 k, VR functions let you, as it were, a camera and sharing function, users only need to connect intelligent equipment with a camera, can through the intelligent device on social media and video taken by family and friends to share.

Camorama 4K 360-degree camera can be used to record the dribs and drabs of life, and can also be used to shoot movies. The 4K camera ensures that the remaining is ultra hd video, which is a precious memory treasure. The Camorama 4K 360-degree camera is equipped with a super-sized battery that promises to give the user enough time to shoot and to improve usage.

Products details

The camorama Hd 4K diving video camera, is an extraordinary diving device that is built for both professional divers and diving enthusiasts a like. When using the video camera, you will find many unique advanced features. The ability to quickly and easily adjust white balance makes getting the correct color a breeze.

Diving Camera 1


1. Take amazing 4k detailed pictures and share instantly on social media.

2. Available to control, view and share the videos or photos timely via free app (final cam) on your smartphone.

3.Waterproof case enables to take shots underwater up to 30 meters, ideal for water sports like surfing, diving , snorkeling, swimming, drifting etc.

4. Camorama brings 360-degree video shooting to the masses bringing 4K quality and significantly lowering the price of entry.

5. This action camera is small and for the most part light weight.

6. Go Virtual reality and watch with your VR Goggles.

7. Fast downloading of your media ia wifi.

Diving Camera 2

Technology Advantage

1. Sony Japan 4K imaging sensor allowing 2880 x 2880 resolution.

2. Live streaming capabilities with industry compatible codecs.

3. Ambarella USA imaging chipset allowing up to high-speed 210 fps.

Diving Camera 3


Memory Space

There are three kinds of cameras with different memory space for your option, 32/64/128GB eMMC storage.


Long Standby Time

The 1300- mAh lithium battery offers up to 8 hours standby time. You can record videos for an hour, continuously and click hundreds of pictures in a day. Within 1.5 hours, the battery charges, completely.


Package included

1X Batteries(1300MAH)

1X Panoramic Camera

1X Date Wire

1X Lens Protective Shell

1X Product Instruction

Diving Camera 5

Additional Features

1.Support attachment to helmets, bike, surfboards, cars and other objects easily. HDMI, USB, AV video output, available for connecting computers, Drone and Phone.

2.Rechargeable and removable Lithium Battery(up-1.5hours battery life).

Diving Camera 4

Diving Camera 6

Cmorama WIPET ii products are mainly used in aerial shooting, underwater shooting, on-board shooting and hidden shooting scenes.

Based on the above application, the advantages of science and technology especially introduced to match, complete with waterproof shell, remote control type, the shaft, tripod, such as head, chest clip sports suite, including "back-to-back" connecting pieces can be connected to two WIPET the second generation devices, easily obtained is 360 ° 360 ° panoramic images.

At the same time, the product is equipped with a magnetic-absorbent lens cover and a base, which can be captured on the top of the roof, roof and other magnetic metal surfaces.

Diving Camera 7