Camera Accessories

Camera Accessories

Apart from the Camorama camera, you can get all the accessories here.

Product Details


1. Soft carry case


This soft fashion bag can protect your Camorama and make it portable when you are traveling.

L*W*H: 76mm*63mm*68mm.

Leather exterior and double polyester interior.

Attached to your backpack or a belt.

2. Selfie Stick

This selfie stick can support your camera to capture you and the landscape for that perfect Instagram shot.

Made of Aluminum Alloy.

Dimension: 7.2 inch x1.6 inch; weight: 6.1oz.

Compatible with the Camorama Tripod.

3. Metal Shell

Protect your Camorama and be sure to catch footage in style and color.

Aluminum Alloy.

Dimension: 2.0 inch x 1.7 inch; weight: 1.30z.

Able to attach to the Camorama selfie stick, Tripod, Car kit.

4. Mini Tripod

Acting as both a tripod base and a hand grip,its leg angle adjustment perfect for shooting at almost any angle, providing a secure stand for your equipment.

Dimension: 6.9 inch, width:2.9 inch, weight: 6.3oz.

Made of Aluminum Alloy.

Attached leveler to ensure a flat surface.

5. Waterproof Shell

This case allows you to catch every angle even if you are in the water.

Dimension: 2.5 inch x2.5 inch x 2.9 inch; weight: 2.6oz.

Polymethyl methacrylate(PMMA).

Attachable to the Camorama tripod, selfie stick, and car kit.

Waterproof up to 120 feet.

6. Carkit

This kit will make it easy to fasten your Camorama on the top of your vehicle or metal surface car for amazing and stunning views.

Aluminum Alloy.

Attached leveler to ensure a flat surface.

4 secure powerful neodymium magnets underneath.