Action Camera WiFi

Action Camera WiFi

1. Panoramic VR Video Sport Camera
2. 360 Ultra HD Wifi Action Camera
3. 360 Wide Angle Lens
4. Waterproof camera
5. 1.5h Battery life

Product Details

That includes 4K video capture up to 210fps, image stabilization, voice control and is waterproof down to 30m. The large Record button starts and stops recording so there's no worrying about different modes and options – that's all handled by the app (though it does have a simple menu system if you wish). Back to basics, but still captures the quality of video that you'd expect from Camorama.

Products details

Camorama 4K Ultra HD Action Camera has a built-in WiFi connectivity.The Wi-Fi compatibility makes it simple to send files over to your smart devices, control your action camera from a distance and playback the captured footage. With an easy to use app available for Android or iOS devices, you can easily download and share your footage online or with your friends, family and fans.

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1.  With 360 degree wide angle lens and full HD 1080P camera.

2.  Easy to operate and convenient to carry.

3.  It is waterproof up to 30 meter deep.

4.  This reliblae DV is great for recording extreme sports experience.

5.  It is multifunctional, can be used to record voice, image and video, and as a music player.

6.  It uses wifi to transfer image or videos, download software or connect with tablet or phone, conveneint to use.

7.  It offers mass storage for data saving.

8.  Its ultra-HD feature with eight-million active pixels enhances the resolution and clarity of every image.

Technology Advantage

1. Ambarella S2E88 USA imaging chipset allowing up to high-speed 210 fps.

2. Live streaming capabilities with industry compatible codecs.

3. Sony Japan 4K imaging sensor IMX377 allowing 2880 x 2880 resolution.

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The camera can be used manually with the buttons and later imported by USB to PC or Mac. However, to use the app, Android 5.0+ or iPhone 5+ iOS8.0+ is required. To fully edit 4K video on the iOS app, iPhone 6S or iPhone SE is required.



A 1300mAh lithium battery is included and rechargeable using the supplied USB cable. Battery offers up to 8 hours standby time You can record videos for an hour, continuously and click hundreds of pictures in a day. Within 1.5 hours.


Memory Space

There are three kinds of cameras with different memory space for your option, 32/64/128GB eMMC storage.



1X Batteries(1300MAH)

1X Panoramic Camera

1X Date Wire

1X Lens Protective Shell

1X Product Instruction

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Action Video Camera  8


The action camera itself is housed in durable for high-speed, low-drag activities like extreme sports, outdoor sports, security devices, recording your car driving, cycling, swimming ,climbing, diving etc.

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If you're aquatic-minded, or you need to know exactly where you were, and how fast you are going when you took a video, buy a Camorama.Everyone considering buying an action cam should have a look at the Yi Technology 4K+ Action Camera because it's almost exactly the same and, in some ways, even better than a GoPro.