4K Ultra HD Video

4K Ultra HD Video

1. 4K photo mode.
2. 3600 shooting angle.
3. High-capacity intelligent battery, 1300mAh.
4. Processor: Ambarella 52E88.
5. Fast downloading of the media via wifi.
6. Editing and sharing easily from the camera.

Product Details

The 4K Action VR & 360 Degree Cam Made For Sharing

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4k Sports Ultra HD DV 2

We mesh together the hottest technologies to bring you an action-packed panoramic cam that can be viewed by VR goggles or UltraHD TV.

Get ready to be stunned if you haven't seen 360-degree videos yet.

· Take amazing 4k detailed pictures and share instantly on social media. See an example here.

· Capture breathtaking 4K Ultra HD video memories of your life and enjoy full immersion viewing.

· Go Virtual reality and watch with your VR Goggles.

· Edit a movie in many compatible software to show your audience only the angles you want them to see.

· Livestream directly in 360-degree to many popular apps .

· Share to sites like Facebook ;and Youtube.

The future is here. Now let's have some fun with it! You've heard aboutVirtual Reality. You've probably heard that Facebook and Youtube now support360-degree videos. You've seen Google street-view. Now you can be a part of the future.Get ready to be amazed.

We have been working on the easiest to use, most portable panoramic camera in the world. Previously reserved for professional photographers, Camorama brings 360-degree video shooting to the masses bringing 4K quality and significantly lowering the price of entry.

Get ready to be surprised if you're familiar with "360 rigs" of the past

· No software programming required!

· No need for multiple cameras! No Stitching!

· Fast downloading of your media via wifi.

· Editing and sharing available directly from your mobile.

· Longer than ever record times (up to 90 mins vs. 10 mins on others).

Compare us to the competition:

  • We have the newest technology for 2016.

  • Ambarella USA imaging chipset allowing up to high-speed 210 fps.

  • Sony Japan 4K imaging sensor allowing 2880 x 2880 resolution.

  • Live streaming capabilities with industry compatible codecs.

  • Longest in class battery life.

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It's for everyone!

· Everyday memories.

· Scuba dive, surf, or any adventure sport.

· Cats! Puppies! Don't miss a moment of cuteness.

· Travel bloggers .

· Attach on a drone.

· Youtube Vloggers .

· Journalists can broadcast in 360-degree without a crew.

· Car enthusiasts can attach to the roof of their car.

· In the classroom, maximize interactions.

· Make your events panoramically interactive.

· Jump out of an airplane.

· Be stealthy! Hide the camera with its small footprint.

· Real estate agents can easily share their VR listings.

· Store owners can showcase their shops' offerings.

· Musicians can record their concerts and events.

· Be a 360-degree filmmaker.

· .... The possibilities are endless!

Enjoy many different views from one picture or video:

•Circular 360-degree Mode.

•Little planet Mode.

•Virtual Mode.

•360-degree Panoramic Mode.


We've successfully tested Camorama in many different parts of the world including:

l Antarctica (in the freezing cold).

l Greenland (in the water).

l Australia (with a kangaroo!).

l United States (in the bustling cities).

l Hawaii (under the hot summer sun).

l China (from 30,000 ft in the air).

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The camera can be used manually with the buttons and later imported by USB to PC or Mac. However, to use the app, Android 5.0+ or iPhone 5+ iOS8.0+ is required. To fully edit 4K video on the iOS app, iPhone 6S or iPhone SE is required.


Risks and challenges

Our team is uniquely positioned to deliver the hardware since we have been making photographic products since 2005 in China. We already have a prototype. We promise to use the highest quality components for the Camorama. In doing so, we have to rely on our supply chain.

Sometimes high-tech components such as the Sony 4K camera sensor are back-ordered for a very long time due to high demand or natural disasters such a recent earthquake in Japan. We will do our best to hedge any potential delays by pre-ordering. However, demand may exceed supply and there could be delays beyond our control.

We also reserve the right to slightly modify final designs as we improve them.

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