4K HD Video

4K HD Video

1. Video definition 2880x2880(4K)
2. Battery life 1300mAh, 4K shooting up to 1.5h
3. Processor: Ambarella 52E88
4. Sensor: SONY IMX377
5. Camera Lens: 3600x2300
6. Built-in Dual microphones

Product Details

Camorama The 4K Action VR & 360° Camera 64GB eMMC

The Camorama 4K HD video camera is called the smallest 4K panoramic sports camera in the industry, supporting the switching of camera angle of between 3600 and 2300. Its lightweight, small size, is very suitable for travelers. With various advantages, it can ensure the best customer experience. This camera can be carried by aircraft, vehicle, water, etc.


Please slide the screen while watching to see the 360 effect

Power Packed Features

l The camera lens is 3600x2300, it can be switched randomly, supporting up to 2880x2880(4K) definition. The vivid picture will offer a feeling of actually being there.

l Having the function of Anti-purple edge, anti-glare, anti-stray light.

l The camera adopts the magnet design. It can be directly attached to the bonnet or car roof. By the combination of all accessories, a multi-angle photograph can be realized.

l The battery with 1300mAh can offer up to 1.5 hours of uninterrupted photograph and videos.

l The camera can be mounted on selfie stick and tripod.

l It supports video and photo editing, sharing in SNS, and VR viewing mode, live VR video, live panoramic video.

l Lightweight, <120g it is very convenient to take.


Noteworthy Information
The camera supports 4k 360 degree wide-viewing- angle lens. The wide-angle lens offers higher quality images. The built-in gyroscope can reduce the vibration to the utmost extent.


Battery’s Performance
The 1300- mAh lithium battery offers up to 8 hours standby time. You can record videos for an hour, continuously and click hundreds of pictures in a day. Within 1.5 hours, the battery charges, completely.


Three Types of Storage for Your Choice

There are 3 kinds of cameras with different storage space for your choice, 32G 64G 128G Emmc Storage.

Additional Features
• A waterproof casing allows you to film fascinating water sports.
• By installing Camorama app, you can operate this camera on your Android or iOS devices.



l Scuba dive, surf, or any adventure sport

l Travel

l Everyday memories

l A 360-degree filmmaker

l Drone

l Jumping out of an airplane



Package included:

1X Battery(1300mAh)

1X Panoramic Camera

1X Data Line

1X Lens Protective Shell

1X Product Instruction


Top customer reviews

Amber Williams

5.0 out of 5 stars It is truly amazing what this technology can do

March 2, 2017

Verified Purchase

I received my Camorama through Amazon Prime a few days ago. It is truly amazing what this technology can do! It's lightweight and easy to carry wherever I go. The obvious advantages that Camorama has over other 360 cameras is the ability to capture all angles with one lens. I travel outside of the United States nearly 6 times a year, and I this is literally perfect for my adventures! I have recently launched a travel vlog and am so excited to make this vlog with Camorama in 360.
The quality of my videos thus far are unreal! It is true 4K resolution and no stitching between shots! I purchased a different 360 camera 3 months ago. My biggest issue was the stitching between shots on other 360 cameras. This is because Camorama is simply using 1 lens instead of multiple while still creating a 360 shot.
The mobile app is fantastic and I love editing shots directly on my iphone when I’m in a hurry. I was having slight issues with the PC app so I reached out to the customer service through Facebook and they responded instantly. They were so helpful and friendly, and made my experience with the company that much greater.
Last but not least, my favorite thing about Camorama is the VR compatibility and how easy it is to use in VR mode. I took a short trip to Brianhead Ski Resort with some friends last weekend. I was able to capture some amazing footage on the ski lift, and also some on the mountain. When I went back to view it in VR, I was simply amazed with how clear the image looked with VR Goggles. Camorama’s true 4K resolution alongside its no stitching issue create a technology that has truly never been seen before.
Thanks guys for the awesome product!

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Fly With Beck

5.0 out of 5 stars Camorama is killing the 4k 360 degree game!

February 9, 2017

When you think of capturing the perfect moment, what’s the first thing you think of? I’ll go get my camera! Camorama has created one of the first 4k 360 degree camera that can not only provide the highest quality of filming but also STREAM IT to your social media networks with ease!
Earlier this year I was asked to try out a GoPro's 360 degree camera. When they had to attach 6 devices to their centerpiece, I was a little worried. Why do I need 6 when I can just use one that will do everything and more for me!
After I placed my order I started talking with Camorama's customer service and was easily able to track the current location of my package during transport/deliver. When I first opened the box to this amazing device you kinda think, how is this one little device going to capture and share the world for me? The packaging was perfect and eco-friendly allowing maximum protection during transport.
As I opened the box and grabbed the camera you can instantly feel the high quality grade of material Camorama put into this advanced technology. Now, with that being said, they even sweetened the deal by allowing me to a live view preview on my smartphone as well as streaming it to my social media accounts. I can change the types of displays or just make it a one angle camera. The designated Camorama APP makes my life easier to record and share. Using the Camorama APP makes it easy to share and record my life. It gives an amazing view with amazing options to the camera man, ME!
On the device, there are a couple of buttons. These buttons have made my life easier. I dont always like having to use my phone so I can easily press one of the buttons and start recording. I can choose to change the quality from 4K to 2.7K to 1080P. I can also change it to take high quality pictures without distortion. Camorama's device is equipped to be fully capable of being magnitized to an object. It's splashproof so getting it wet is typically never an issue. Just don't drown the sucker lol One of the main reasons why I enjoy this product is that it has LED lights which easily tells me what the device is doing. The first button turns on/off the camera (on/off). The second one turns the WiFi on so I'm able to connect with my phone. And the third changes the camera mode which also allows me to start recording on the go.
Now, how can one device have no issues or flaws? It does have a few flaws. Camorama does not support the use of sd/tf cards at this time. While being out and about it is hard not being to have quickly accessible media. I use microsd cards in most of my devices. While this is a small issue, it does not effect the performance of the camera. The other small flaw is the usb cover. When I pull my usb cords I like to have a firm flat grip on the cord. However with the camera its a little tricky. But theres only so many ways to hide and cover those connections as this little camera does everything for you.
I am a drone operator and they recently came out with a drone attachment. I have started using this to produce amazing 4K 360 videos and photos around the world. There has never been an amazing piece of technology that provides everything it does for such a low cost. I had mentioned a competitors who had 6 devices to create a 360, why would you ever want to have that many devices? There is no reason to do such! The 128GB 4K Capturing Little Piece of Technology does it all for me. Camorama will always remain a trust device in my photographer bag. They just recently crushed their Indiegogo and Kickstarter campaign. What does that mean? That mean's I'm not the only one who trusts their quality work to get MY work done!
I am excited to see Camorama’s future growth. They are marketing their cameras to be the best in this technologically advanced market. They have a variety of attachments and accessories to tag along with your purchase. These accessories even include a selfie stick, a tripod, a drone attachment, and more! Try them out today! Check out my instagram at www.instagram.com/FlyWithBeck for more photos and videos of this devices capabilities.

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