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Now please start to choose the one that you want to know Existing UAV aircraft cannot meet the needs of the current applications. If you meet technical bottlenecks in R&D, manufacture and application. If you could not find better and stable supply chain. We would like to join you and be a partner with you. Please contact us to find your solution..


    • ESC Motor Controller

      ESC Motor Controller

      1. Innovative Heat Dissipation Structure.
      2. Excellent Motor Speed Governing.
      3. Super Soft Start-up.
      4. Great Current Endurance.
      5. Built-in Sparkproof Circuit.

    • Electronic Speed Controller for Quadcopter

      Electronic Speed Controller for Quadcopter

      1. Imported components and the PCB (printed circuit board) with extremely low impedance adopted by FlyFun ESCs gurantee great current endurance, good performance and high reliability.
      2. With a rich set of programmable parameters (via a LED program card/box), FlyFun ESC is applicable to various aircraft (like fixed-wing,heli, multirotor and etc.)

    • ESC RC Plane

      ESC RC Plane

      1. A separate program port for connecting programmer on this ESC allows user to
      ● Program ESC,
      ● Check flight data include minimum voltage, maximum temperature, standardized RPM and speed curve (in Heli Governing Store mode) of the flight parameters recorded by the ESC,
      ●Upgrade ESC firmware with a mutifunction LCD program box or a WiFi Module & our Apple/Android phone App.

    • ESC RC

      ESC RC

      1. Great Power Output.This Platinum HV 100A OPTO V3 ESC can output a continuous current of 100A and peak current of up to 140A.
      2. New Design & Excellent Performance
      3. High-voltage Battery Packs Supported
      4. Four Flight Modes & “Auto Restart” Function